Why Does My Cat or Dog Lose Weight While at a Pet Boarding Facility?


Have you ever had the experience where you pet has lost weight while they have stayed at a boarding facility? Have you wondered why?

Holidays are quite exhausting for pets simply because there is a lot going on. At home Mum and Dad will normally take the dog for a walk or the dog will chase the cat around the house, but once they go off to work our pets sleep…and then they probably sleep for most of the day. Well I know Urban, my Seeing Eye Dog In Training, does anyway – and gosh does he snore!

At high quality pet care facilities your pet will hardly sleep; there is sooooo much to do! There are people around and fun to be had. If you pet is enrolled in an exercise program on a daily basis they may even come home exhausted. So, bottom line is the stimulation is very different to being at home. The normal activities of the team members at boarding facilities will include cleaning, feeding, caring, bathing, grooming and medicating. All these activities would normally attract high levels of excitement amongst guests.

Your pet might even get to bunk in with a bouncy exciting dog or a very barky dog that won’t let your fury friend sleep. Most dogs and cats, in a pet boarding environment, do not lose weight because they are being under-fed.

Basically pet care facilities are a hive of activity and this will impact on your dog’s weight loss. Most facilities will provide a high quality food that will support this. For example, there is great dry dog food formula called Active Dog Breed. This food is designed for the types of dogs who are active and need the extra calories. It’s also available for cats.

So why don’t pet care facilities just feed more to their guests? Well this can have the opposite affect and cause loose stools or even worse, diarrhoea!

With cats it is very common for them to lose weight. Cats are generally home-bodies and do not enjoy the whole process of Mum and Dad going away. To some cats it is a necessary evil. When their owners go away it is very inconvenient, unlike most dogs who love the adventure of visiting their favourite pet resort. With cats losing weight you can make suggestions to the pet care providers of what types of food your cat loves. This will support the provider in making the correct choices for the cat.

With cats, the reason for most weight loss is that they are quite stressed and then do not eat or drink compared with dogs – which can go sometime without food because they are so much bigger and have more stores to rely on. Cats, however, need food and water within a couple of days. It is very important that you use a reliable boarding facility that tracks your pet’s food intake so any anomalies can be managed.

If you are concerned about weight loss with your pet while it’s on holiday at a pet care facility then you can talk to your vet or your pet care facility before you leave your pet.

The analogy I like to make with pet boarding in sending your fur-kids to the local pet resort is rather like sending your children off to school camp. They will arrive home tired, cranky and hungry. You as their parent will just need to put them to bed and feed them some home cooked food…