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Last weekend we dropped off our Labrador, Baxter.  Quick note to say thank you very much!  We loved your kennel – we really liked the following:

–          Enthusiastic, friendly, young, efficient people for both check in & collection – very impressed with all of your staff

–          Other  kennels have drop off/pick up times in a 2 or 3 hour window –  really liked the flexibility in drop off and pick-ups at North Brisbane Pet Resort

–          The dog was very happy

–          The dog smelled nicer than when we dropped him off

–          Liked the tick sheet on collection too

So, all in all, after a single weekend with you guys we won’t be using any other kennels on the North Brisbane but yours.

Well done on such good service and processes.

Mike Beal

Thanks to you and your team for looking after our two West Highland White Terriers, Pepper and Maddie over the Christmas break.

While we were overseas we had the peace of mind that they were safe and well looked after. Being able to see them on webcam and also the constant updates and photos on facebook were great and something we looked forward to.

I know this year Pepper had weekly medication, which your team took care of, and I really appreciate this and felt at ease leaving this for your team to look after.

Also this year my Dad’s West Highland White Terrier Maddie bunked in with Pepper in the Golden Paw Lounge coming all the way up from Adelaide. I am constantly raving about the Pet Resort and seeing as Dad was coming overseas with us for a considerable time it made sense for Maddie to come up here and stay with Pepper with you guys.

Dad flew back direct to Adelaide and picked Maddie up a few days later with no trouble. It was great that you guys were able to drop off Maddie at the Brisbane Airport where she was then organised to get on her flight back to Adelaide.

Dad is amazed at how much care your team has for each dog that stays with you and loved being able to log in on the Webcam from the other side of the world and check in on Maddie. Dad hasn’t been able to find a place like the Pet Resort in Adelaide and is planning on sending Maddie up again.

Once again thank you very much for taking such good care of our Westies, we wouldn’t leave them with anyone else.

Ben & Leah Simkin

I would like to thank you and your team for the great treatment given to my boys, Babu and Zeca, during their staying at your resort (more than 30 days). They came back home looking very happy and calm. For sure, I will be recommending the North Brisbane Pet Resort to all my friends, and will be back in the future. I am impressed with the level of professionalism and carrying for animals.

Marta Figlioli

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are sending Frankie to stay with you. She always comes home very happy. It allows us to have some holidays that we might not otherwise be able to have with a young child. We also want to say that Frans who collects & drops her off at our house does a wonderful job. She never seems stressed getting into or out of the van.
We really appreciate that you do this for us.

Mum of Frankie the red cattle dog

We have our Labrador, Zoe Tomlinson, who stays with you regularly. We were wondering if you would consider training her to look at least a little bit sad when she leaves us? She is so excited to get to your place, she races to the office, waits at the gate to be let in, and barely looks back at us when it is time to go to the Resort! We’d like to think we’re the most important people in her world, but it seems she has a secret fun life that doesn’t include us! We’re happy to know she is safe and looked after while she is with you. Many thanks, keep up the good work.

Judy & Wayne Tomlinson

Thank you and your team again for looking after Pugsley and Oscar so wonderfully well. They always come home looking as though they have had a great time, which I am sure they have! Pugs did race around the house checking everything out as soon as he got through the front door and has barely left my side since but his morning run in the park has slowed him down a bit now!! Oscar is one very happy cat sunning himself out on the deck. Thanks again and we will see you soon.

Lynne with Pugsley and Oscar

When organizing a weekend away recently we took up a very kind offer from my Mother-in-law to take care of our 1 yr old Labrador. He had stayed at the Pet Resort on many occasions and I was very happy to send him back for another holiday. We accepted my in-laws offer though, thinking it would be easier all round and save money to boot. Besides our puppy adores my Husband’s Mum and is always very excited to see her.

Unfortunately our decision was not a good one, we should have used the Pet Resort! Imagine, we have packed the car to the rafters for a weekend away, just enough room left for my 2 boys….. oops, where to put the dog….finally get to in-laws house and have to factor in time for a cup of tea and a chat. turn trip – keep room for the dog, more tea and chatting – arrive home late and exhausted. Worst of all when we arrived to pick him up, my in-laws were polite but seriously annoyed! Our Labby had eaten the garden and pulled out precious bromeliads, tried swimming in the fish pond – unsuccessfully as he didn’t fit, and terrorised the fish. He had traipsed mud all through the pergola. We had already left money to go to dinner as a thank you. Now we have plants to replace AND a very unhappy Father-in-law! Not only will they never have our puppy again (very sad as he loves them), I have upset them and that is terrible because I love them too. Next time Rex is definitely going to the Pet Resort…

Karen and Rex (Stafford, Brisbane)

Thanks very much for looking after our babies Faith, Iggy and Boo (the cat).

We are always really pleased with how accommodating you are with our treasured little ones. Although I think of them numerous times every day, while we are away, and still miss them terribly but I feel reassured that you are offering them the very best.

It was wonderful to hear that they behaved themselves enough to frequent your office as we know they would have loved that as they spend most of each day in our offices doing the same thing. So thanks very much once again for all your teamed efforts.

They looked great when they arrived home and smelled lovely.

Karl and Jenny Woodhouse, with Iggy, Faith and La Boo

North Brisbane Pet Resort has done it again.

The A Team came home looking thoroughly spoiled as usual and not only that they looked like they had just stepped out of a Parisian Salon!

Rupert looked stunning in his next to skin tight hairdo,
Jeanie looked white as snow
Benson looks 10 years younger with his new youthful appearance having all that heavy winter coat removed, it really lifts his cheek bones.  Being elderly and an Irish Wolfhound he is a handful and you gave him the best gaeriatric care possible.

Henry of course is as stunning as a ragdoll can be!

We always feel comfortable leaving them in your capable hands, thank you again.

Thanks Sam,

Hope all is well and thanks for the special care for Benson, he looks fabulous.

Katy Dixon

I can’t thank you enough for the care you and your team have provided Ollie in her first boarding experience.

Ollie seemed very happy when we collected her after 6 days, but certainly didn’t appear to be rushing to leave.  Just watching her on the CCTV, walking amongst the other puppies, I could see she was certainly adjusting and enjoying her time with them.  It was so beneficial for us to see her in her surroundings, which reassured us that we she was fine.  Sam, your dog is absolutely gorgeous and is a wonderful role model for dogs such as Ollie who have experienced more human time than dog time.  Just watching him on the CCTV, his beautiful nature is wonderful for the other dogs.

Thank you also for the daily report.  It was great to see how she was settling in and I am so very pleased she wasn’t too spooked by the experience, and continued to maintain a healthy appetite.  Once again a testament to you and your team.

Please pass our thanks to Lisa who achieved tremendous results with Ollie’s new look.  Ollie’s new coat looks fabulous and (although I quite like a little more length on her), she is so very happy to be rid of her coat in preparation for summer.

Bless you Sam for understanding human psychology – in fact I am sure you must have a degree!  I realised very early on that it wasn’t actually about Ollie being in a strange place, despite all the reassurances that she would be well taken care of, it was very much about the separation anxiety that I was experiencing.  Thank you for managing my needs as well as Ollie’s.  You really are a beautiful person, with a wonderful team, handling very difficult people.  Well done and thank you for handling me.

James and I wish you all the very best with the North Brisbane Pet Resort, and perhaps with our next stay – I won’t need much managing.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Lee-Anne Davie & James Rennell, with Ollie

“Thank you Pet Resort. We were very concerned about leaving our 2 Chihuahua’s while we went overseas for 2 weeks. We searched a large number of boarding kennels but couldn’t find any that we felt comfortable with and would look after our small dogs. We found North Brisbane Pet Resort and decided to drop in and have a look. We found the facility to be very well kept and their team were all friendly and helpful in explaining the service. Even though it was further away than we would have liked, it was well worth the drive from Ipswich to the North Brisbane for the piece of mind that our puppies would be cared for in The Golden Paw Lounge.

Again, thank you for taking such good care of Milo and Taco, we will definitely use North Brisbane Pet Resort next time we go away.

Clayton & Belinda

Hi Sam and crew at the Pet Resort, I just wanted to thank you so much for taking brilliant care of my little Miley (the smiley ridgeback pup) on the weekend .  Being her first time away I was a little anxious but when I dropped her off on Friday I immediately felt that she would be in the safe hands and care.  She was so contented when she returned home on Monday and just appeared so very happy.  Thank you to you and your team for taking wonderful care of her and keeping my peace of mind!!  She will definitely pay you a visit again :-)”

Cheers Carle, owner of Miley

Just want to tell you Sam that the resort did a lovely spa job with my two girls – the cross Irish wolfhound’s coat is difficult to make look good, but she looked like a queen and my cross Lab has never looked sassier. And they both look in top healthy condition after their three week resort stay with you. I want to thank you and your team for the loving and careful way you attended to medications on my behalf – and overseeing their recuperation. I recommend your place often to people and know I can continue to do that confidently.

Thanks from me,

Wendy – the girls, Bonnie and Roxy and our joint lord and master, Errol

Our puppy is a small dog that is very timid and not very sociable around other dogs … Portia goes everywhere with my wife, even to work where she sits at her feet… so parting with her for two weeks while we were on holidays was going to be a big challenge for both Portia and my wife. Portia is on a very rigid diet also, given that she had major surgery at a young age that was life threatening, so what she eats could be fatal…

The staff at North Brisbane Pet Resort were fantastic and very patient with my wife’s ‘how is she’ phone calls… and looked after Portia so well…

On collecting Portia, we were delighted to find that her social skills with other dogs had developed and she was a very happy healthy little soul.

Thanks to all the team at North Brisbane Pet Resort … well done!

Marcus & Shoran

I have two pampered pooches who until now have had house/dog sitters move in whenever I go away.

Not any more.  North Brisbane Pet Resort really listened when I outlined my dogs’ habits and made sure “the girls” were contented, had lots of attention and play time.

I love the “report cards” summarising each day’s activities and am over the moon that the girls wag their tails and pull at the leash to see Sam and the team at North Brisbane Pet Resort.  Always a good sign.

Travelling regularly for work, and working long hours – the pick up and delivery service is an absolute gift for me.  The dogs are secure and come home relaxed after their visit to the “pet resort” giving me peace of mind while I am away.”

Lynden Courtney with Mintie and Chino

When Semi “holidays” at your Pet Resort she comes home looking healthy –
but complains about being away from home by way of *loud meows* for at
least an hour after arriving home (all the neighbours know that Semi has
arrived home).  On the report from her last visit I noted the comment
“Semi is not eating – watch her”.  How right you were.  I waited a few days before I took her to the vet – thinking she may have been sulking.  When I took her to the vet I commented that I did not think she was actually sick but she was only picking at her food and not eating properly – he took blood/urine tests – no problems there – checked her mouth out and she had inflamed gums.  Her mouth must have been so sore that she could not eat.  He gave her a cortisone and antibiotic injection and sent me home with antibiotic pills for 5 days.  Within 12 hours she was making up for lost time and is eating normally again now.

THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM for caring for Semi.

Maureen Comino

“Home away from home” That is how I would describe The North Brisbane Pet Resort! When their van arrives to pick my 3 dogs and Cat up to go, they all race to see who can get in first and that’s a great sign!

I think it’s the roast chicken they are given if they are well behaved!

The accommodation is clean and the dogs are always groomed before they return home. Regarding value for money the resort is right up there, we moved from Sydney and it is a breath of fresh air in that respect so congratulations, 10 out of 10 from our family.

Katy Dixon

I have been sending my 14 year old blue cattle dog to North Brisbane Pet Resort for many years, in fact since they first took over control of these kennels. Binty is usually in the kennels for two weeks ever two or three months.

Binty is picked up at our home and returned there. She has displayed no traits of not wishing to go to the kennels, in fact she appears to look forward to it when she is picked up.When she is returned, she is not hungry and she has been shampooed. I have no hesitation in recommending the Resort to owners. I can be contacted on telephone no. 07- 5479-1597 if further information is required.

James King

We have been using the North Brisbane Pet Resort for a number of years and in that time have found Sam and her friendly staff, to be reliable and professional. Our animals are part of our family , so it is important to us that they are cared for and loved when they are away from home.

Sam and her staff always achieve these results with our animals.

Di O’Hara

I’m a 4 year old stumpy tailed cattle dog, although I hear my Mum and Dad say I’m the most peculiar looking cattle dog they have ever seen!  I live at home with my mum and dad but dad often goes away on business and mum sometimes goes with him so, I never know if I am going to be on holiday for 4 days or 2 weeks.

When Frans comes with the truck to pick me up I rush to him to say hello because I know that I am going to be well looked after, given lots of walks, playtime and cuddles, sometimes have my photograph taken or a swim and  brush up on my computer skills when I am in the office with Sam who by the way has extremely lickable legs!!  In fact, I am looked after so well – one day I even went fishing with Frans – that I have heard my Mum and Dad say that when I get back home I’ve been so spoilt they have to ‘get tough’ with me.

When I’m on my walks I tell my friends about the Pet Resort and now a red cattle dog friend of mine, Raf Miller also goes to the Pet Resort. When I was at the vet having my annual check up, I even heard Dad tell my Vet what a good time I have. If you want anymore information probably best to talk to my Mum and Dad because in spite of Sam showing me my computer skills are not very good and trying to answer a mobile phone with 4 paws is pretty much impossible!

Max Hanmer

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