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Our monthly packs are aimed at providing your pet with a safe –  wholesome…and yummy monthly pack for your pet. Aimed at a medium size dog…theses packs should last you a month with 2 types of treats..a Weekly BIG special treat and a smaller DAILY treat…YUMBOs. Our treats come in 5 flavours…YOU can order monthly or 3 monthly delivery schedules (its cheaper 3 monthly to save on postage)…

Why trust anyone else your precious fur-baby health and well-being…Did you know that most treats you buy from supermarkets and pet stores are imported and contain TOXIC CHEMICALS…we guarantee they are LOCAL and FREE of PESTICIDES. They are only $20 per pack…(plus postage and handling)2fa9eaf8-cd1a-458e-803f-cd300aa606bcwallpaper

To order your TREATS click below…it will take you to a form that we can then set up your monthly or 3 monthly orders –  you can also order 1 pack at a time. Once you’ve set up your cycle..Your fur-baby’s treats will be ordered automatically.

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