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A visit to The Pet Resort isn’t complete without a SPA!!


Aunty Amanda's SPA from 1300catdog on Vimeo.


Pawdicure Indulge (15min) $25.00  Pawdicure Indulge Put your best foot forward! Paw Soak, nail trim, trim of hair between pads, paw massage with CPTG Essential Oil infused balm to alleviate any cracked pads and of course a Yummy Treatie!
‘No Chemicals for me!’ NATURAL Flea & Tick Treatment $17.50  image1 Your Furbaby will LOVE these natural smelling oils to keep away the nasties
Sunshine Joy Treatment (15min) $25  Sunshine Treatment It’s great to be ALIVE! This treatment includes a Relaxing pee walk and a sniff around our beautiful property, roll around on the grass with Aunty Amanda, an Aromatherapy Treatment and of course a Yummy Treatie & a drinkie afterwards!
Spoil Me Facial & Clean Ear Treatment (15min) $25  Spoil Me Facial and Ears Your baby will LUV this Relaxing Aromatherapy Facial Massage including cleaning off any eye crusties and cleaning out both ear canals with natural ear cleaner to release debris and of course cuddles, a Yummy Treatie and drinkie Afterwards!
Welcome Relaxation Treatment (25min) $40  Welcome Relaxation This is PURRFECT as a Welcome Treatment, includes a calming Relaxation Massage & Facial for your Pet using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (CPTG); this can be done in your pets room or in the great outdoors *weather dependant and of course a treatment isn’t complete without a drinkie and Treatie afterwards!
Departure Aromatherapy Treatment (25min) $40  Departure Aromotherapy After your Pet has had a warming bath and dry with our team, your pet will receive a Hydrating Aromatherapy Massage & Facial using CPTG Essential Oils, a Fresh Breath Treatment and a Yummy Food Treatie, they will smell amazing and be all ready for cuddles with their humans!  (For our Cat Departures this includes a Serenity Aromatherapy Remedy included in their carrier for a more peaceful ride home)
PAMPER MY PET DAY FROM $70  Pamper my Pet When nothing but the best will do this day includes a Trip to the long running Locally trusted Dog & Cat Grooming Salon & Boutique ANIMAL AFFAIR at Mooloolaba, where your Pet can receive a Quality Stylish Groom (additional cost, see link to Animal Affair Pricelist below) or some long awaited shopping, perhaps a new outfit or collar caught their eye! Then it’s off to a Secret Doggy Friendly Cafe for Poochy Latte and a Treat then back to the Resort for a Chill Out massage and a lovely rest. Aunty Amanda will take photos of their adventure of course and post to our Facebook page (Link to Animal Affair Pricelist).

*Due to the Potency of CPTG Oils I dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil, they are safe and are specifically formulated to support wellness. Essential Oils and Massage offer complementary therapy to traditional medicine. ALWAYS check with your veterinarian when adding anything new to your pet’s health care regimen and follow your veterinarian’s advice about protecting your pet from diseases.
**ALL Treatments include a Photo posted to our Facebook page (Please let me know if you don’t have Facebook and would like it text to your mobile instead 🙂

***HOLIDAY and SHOPPING Credits CANNOT be used for SPA Time

For further information regarding CPTG Oils and to order please see